Load Banks

Commercial Load Banks

PM Tech goes beyond just installing commercial generators, and is dedicated to ensuring your standby power solution is always ready to perform. Our commercial load bank equipment gives you absolute security in your backup power solution by accurately mimicking the power load that would occur in your application and validating your system’s performance. By simulating this testing scenario, we can determine whether your generator is successfully handling the power load of your facility. 

Load Bank Equipment & Testing

Whether you need a resistive, reactive, combined, or electronic load bank, PM Tech offers both permanent and rental load banks for your needs. We can help you evaluate your options to choose the proper load bank – determined by the size of the power load your generator is expected to handle, the type of generator, and the types of functions your unit needs tested. 

Resistive and reactive load banks each test for certain characteristics in your generator. Or, a combination of both can be applied to ensure thorough and detailed analysis of your unit’s capability. Electronic load banks can test for typical and peak load capacities – they produce more precise data that may be important for certain applications, and are considered superior in comparison to resistive and reactive load banks.

Benefits of Commercial Load Banks

Commercial load banks are the key to establishing a reliable emergency power solution. After a commercial load bank test you will know exactly what to expect from your generator. This information can be used to make necessary repairs and adjustments. The long term benefits of load bank testing include minimized downtime and fewer unexpected repairs to your emergency power solution and facility. 

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