Commercial Generator Maintenance

ҹߣav is here to protect your company’s daily operations with full-service commercial generator maintenance, service, and testing. Our industrial standby power maintenance programs range from service on demand when you need it to 24/7 monitoring of your emergency back-up power system. Whatever level of service you need to protect your operations, PM Tech is here for you. Our expert and certified technicians are prepared to provide immediate response and resolve any issue or repair needed to ensure your facility maintains uninterrupted power.

We Offer Post-Installation Support, Battery Checks, and More!


Preventative Maintenance for Industrial Standby Power Systems

All commercial standby power solutions and generators require minimum maintenance protocols to support the manufacturer recommendations. PM Tech offers basic inspection and maintenance services to meet these requirements, but can also accommodate your company’s unique needs with a more robust maintenance program if desired to better care for your system, including fuel polishing, thermal imaging, power monitoring, emissions testing, or megger testing.

In partnership with you, ҹߣav can provide a commercial generator maintenance plan that keeps your system prepared to perform the moment an emergency arises, and protects you with priority service. We are dedicated to preventing critical failures and effectively extending the life of your emergency power system, which translates to uninterrupted business operations and reduced downtime.

Commercial & Industrial Transfer Switch Maintenance

Just as important as routine generator maintenance is commercial transfer switch maintenance. Proper routine testing of your transfer switch is critical to ensuring your generator will be automatically enabled and able to handle the power load required to power your facility in an emergency. In fact, many failures could actually be prevented with the proper maintenance and testing.

During your transfer switch maintenance, not only will we provide a comprehensive inspection of your system to check for overheating, wear, or any signs there is something amiss with your transfer switch, but we’ll also conduct a professional electrical test to verify proper functionality and help you avoid unexpected failure.

Our Inspection & Testing Process

The commercial maintenance programs offered by PM Tech include a full-inspection of your backup generator’s major systems. Depending on your specific service or routine maintenance needs, we’ll work with you to develop an appropriate and timely service schedule. Additionally, click below to learn more about our inspection and testing process for liquid cooled and air cooled units.

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